No sex tourists allowed

Well, I am finally in Bangkok!!

The Atlanta Hotel is as I expected! All art deco interior, a little run down but perfectly acceptable. I’m at the writing desks at the moment. Nice, friendly Thai staff. It’s just so hot.. but again, to be expected!
I thought I would have a nostalgic trip to a 7-11 last night.. bought a Banana Cake and the Ham & Cheese breakfast sandwich… hahahaha Farang food but it’s sooo good! Oh I have missed the 7-11.

So many things I had forgotten about. Like how Thai’s drink everything with a straw, and how irritating it is when someone rides their motorbike/scooter on the pavement, which is already a tight squeeze! Oh and how polluted it is. Slightly worried – I’ve only been here an evening and I’ve already started coughing. I had a lot of sore throats last time I was here.. ah well, Pharmacies are everywhere!

I’m going to go to Thong Lor today, where I used to live, which I think might be really weird. It’s already weird being back – in the sense that what I remember it being like, really is true, I feel really new and foreign here, but at the same time I know how things work.

First stop – 7-11 for some water…

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