It’s very pink.

As I walked into my apartment building this afternoon, I was ushered over to the front desk, to be given a large pink bin, complete with lid, which I had to sign for.

At first I was unsure as to what this was for. It seemed an odd present for my parents to send… ‘We give for water’ assured the receptionist. Ahhhh it’s for the floods. Could I fit in it, put the lid on and stay dry in case there was a flash flood? Maybe I was supposed to use it as a boat by sitting in it and sticking my arms over the top? But then I wouldn’t be able to see where I was paddling to. No that couldn’t be it.

The notice in the lift told me that it was in fact for water, in case the water supply gets shut off or contaminated – I should stock up. D’oh. Of course that’s what it’s for.

It’s hard to imagine my area of Bangkok being flooded, I have to say. Ok, so there’s no water anywhere, and a lot of the 7/11s have hardly any food. Our favourite food restaurant is closed, there are sandbags and impromptu walls being built everywhere… but it was such a warm sunny day today, and it hasn’t rained for a couple of days… though of course it’s not really about the rain in the slightest.

I haven’t been particularly worried at all. No one at our office has been either. Until this afternoon. Seeing the flood map so far…. it’s like we’re on an island surrounded by sea. And the island is only going to get smaller…

People are panicking. However… they also panicked last weekend and nothing happened. in my area.

The dilemma is whether to leave Bangkok, or to stay and hedge our bets.

Not because I think it will flood in my area necessarily, but because food and water supplies aren’t getting through! And what if electricity is shut off? But do I want to potentially get stuck outside Bangkok with diminishing funds of money?


My supplies… most important are obviously the chocolate and the tea.

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