3 thoughts on “Tea and Bright Lights

  1. Please please please….where did you get the tea…I live in Nonthaburi and will happily travel for liquorice tea!

    ps: those fairly lights are lovely too :)

    • Hi!

      Unfortunately… my parents sent it to me from the UK, I’m not sure I’ve seen it in Thailand :(
      However… if you are willing to pay for delivery and maybe bought more than a few packets, they have a website – teapigs.co.uk, and deliver internationally!
      They have lots of teas to choose from – this is my first packet from them, but they are sooo gooood!

      Thanks for the comment by the way!


      • Thank you :) I will check out the link. I have a favourite liquorice tea from Australia but never tried it with peppermint too

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