Isn’t it funny how some people remind you of other people? Some people, even though they may be separated by continents and cultures, have similar mannerisms? I often find this intriguing. My mum suggested the idea to me that there are only a certain number of ‘types’ of personality/people in the world – is it this? Or is it that I want to remember my friends, so I project my memory onto other people?

I write this because one of my Thai students totally reminds me of a South African friend back in the UK. I swear he smiles the same, laughs the same, is roughly the same size/height, maybe a bit younger…but so alike. And another student today I considered if she knew one of my friends from the US, I totally think they would be great friends, the way they talk, the things they like.

Hm. Random post :) But it always gets me thinking. And gives me a warm feeling inside. Maybe people aren’t so different after all…?

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