Hey there. Wow, it’s been a little while, huh.

In amongst writing 50,000 in November, going back to England for Christmas and then getting thoroughly wrapped up in a new relationship ♥, I sort of, uh, forgot about my blog…

To be honest…. 50,000 words… I think I needed a rest from typing for a little while…

At about 7pm on the 30th November (early!!!) I frantically typed my last 100 words, and then 100 more… and stopped at 50,100 ish, Broken and shattered, my hands cramping and my inner writer shouting at my inner editor ‘I told you I could do it!’, I stared at the word document in awe for a moment. Then I punched the air repeatedly. Then I backed it up on my flash drive, put it in my dropbox folder, and emailed it to myself. You never can be too careful, huh.

Over the past 30 days, I had been under the word count, nearly every day. My goal was 1667 every day, but that didn’t happen. At the weekends I managed to catch up with 2000 a day, 3000 a day, but by the last day I was still behind by a ridiculous 7000 words.

Something in me told me I had to do it. I couldn’t just give up. There were 43,000 words behind me, 7000 was nothing. I had the whole day off, and so I typed, pretty much continuously.

Editing, however, has been a completely different story (haha is that a pun there… is it?).

Well… ok editing hasn’t begun yet. I was meant to do it this month, February, but I think I’ve subconsciously pushed it to one side. I need to do it though. All that work I put in, I can’t let it go to waste, however awful it is.

Anywayyy! Just a quick update. I will be posting some more photos this weekend, and then I’ll be back on track :)

7 thoughts on “ooops…

  1. I wonder about this 50,000 in such a short time. Is quantity taking over from quality?

    I look for 150 per day or 1500 per week. Not so many but I do about 2000 per week. Hitting the target is always good so a small target makes that possible.

    Good luck with your novel.

    • Oh absolutely – I was just writing to… well, write. The quality is not particularly good at all!

      But – it’s the first thing I’ve ever really written. And I decided that if I didn’t just ‘do it’, then I might never – I always say I have no time etc etc, so I devoted 1 month to getting the bare bones of something thrashed out. The draft before even the first draft, I suppose you could say. But… yeah now I have a pretty mammoth task ahead of editing it. Though, I do have something, I guess.

      Thanks for your comment, and for dropping by! It’s always interesting to hear about real writers’ processes, I genuinely don’t know much about how to write, and I’m still figuring it out! :)

  2. I can’t say that I’ve ever finished a novel, although I have attempted it a few times. I guess my ADD just gets the best of me in the long run. Quality shouldn’t really be an issue for your rough draft, it is enough just to get the bare bones down on paper so you have something to work with. If you get too caught up in the quality originally, you will nit-pick yourself to death and never get the draft done. Congratulations.

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