For those who’ve slept…




So I guess I am a morning person. Here I am enjoying a beautiful early Sunday morning.

The lovely thing about Thailand is that when the sun rises, it rises very fast, so it’s always bright and sunny at about 6-7am. I like getting up at that time, and enjoying the few precious hours to relax before I feel like I should do anything. It’s still early, there’s no rush. I’ve had a long week. I can do everything later on. 

This morning I’ve climbed around drying washing to water my orchids on the balcony, which made me think about how I should post some pictures of my new ones. The purple one (Denrobium), I’ve actually had it for at least a year now, but it’s only just flowered. And so many flowers! I’m very happy.

Now I’m eating breakfast, drinking ‘Sweet Chai Yogi Tea’, and listening to BBC  Radio 4. I enjoy listening to voices sometimes, instead of music.

Having said that… here is a wonderful song from Sia Furler, one of my, if not my favourite artist. I always think of this song on Sundays. Video. Live.

Happy Sunday :)

My new orchids

Yellow orchid Polaroid Frosty Dawn Polaroid 2

Frosty Dawn Polaroid  Yellow Orchid Polaroid 2

I bought these outside the Robinson in Trang. There were so many orchids – lots of Cattleya orchids too. I could’ve easily bought more… but stopped myself. I managed to get these ones back to Bangkok safely… it’s a 14 hour drive…

The little yellow-orange hanging one is an Ascocentrum of some sort, possibly ‘garayi’. The white/orange one is a Denrobium hybrid. I’ve got to weigh the pot down because it keeps falling over! Though, the girlfriend cleverly tied it to the railings on my balcony. Denrobiums get so tall, and any kind of wind knocks my one flat.

I love the different types of orchids here :)


Ach – I’ve not been updating very often. What can I say – this last month has been very busy.

However, I thought I would share a few pictures of my new purchase which I stumbled across in a random tiny market somewhere off of Silom road. A new beautiful Denrobium hard cane orchid :) Orchids are a fairly recent addition to my favourite things, I love the flowers, but more than that they are plants that you can really fuss over. Different varieties prefer different conditions, so you have to make sure you water them the right amount, give them the right amount of sun etc etc. There’s something exciting about working out the correct formula, creating the right conditions, because when you get it right the plants totally flourish. Aren’t the flowers gorgeous? The leaves are in a little bit of a state, they’ve definitely been eaten by a few things, and are a bit spotty – but not too bad.

Recently, the blooms have been falling off, which is a shame. But, I’ve had orchids for long enough know to realise it just means they are concentrating their energy elsewhere….

I was right! A shoot!

Next purchase… maybe a Vanda… ooooh I love them so much!