Tone Deaf in Bangkok (and other places)

I want to share a book recommendation…

Tone Deaf in Bangkok (and other places) – by Janet Brown

It’s just brilliant. While I have been feeling a little uninspired by Bangkok recently for various reasons, Janet’s writing seems to open it up and make me realise how awesome a city it is again.

Her stories are anecdotes of her periods of living in Bangkok and travelling in Thailand, as a single farang woman. I greatly appreciated this, as having scoured shelves previously for books on Bangkok, a lot of them seem to be written by men, which I find a little harder to relate to, being a single farang woman myself.

She reinforced for me, the idea that nothing ever just comes to you – just because you go and visit a country doesn’t mean it is obliged to pamper you and show you a good time. To enjoy Bangkok (or anywhere) you have to get out there and do things, and learn the language, and talk to people, and get stuck in. Sometimes it might go right, and sometimes, of course, it might go wrong.

But the most important thing is you’ll have a multitude of stories to tell at the end of it…..

Chicks in Thailand

Check out Chicky Net – you may have noticed the logo on my sidebar…

This website is awesome. It’s a network of expat women across Thailand, in the form of a forum, articles, classifieds, and blogs. It’s split up into different areas /cities in Thailand so you can find things relevent to you, and you will also, inevitably, find people who you can socialise with nearby.

I love how close knit, friendly and reassuring it is. Anything you want to know, there is probably someone who knows it or can sympathise with your situation. It’s great! Thailand can at times feel like a man’s playground – but any foreign country can feel lonely at times. It’s brill.

Edit: Here is my interview for them :)