Who… am I?

I’m Heather, 29.  I like to take very amateur photographs, read books constantly, attempt to write fiction, kayak a bit and try and be relatively eco-friendly. And I love tea and good British comedy. I also quite like travelling and finding out how other countries do things a bit differently. I’m from near Brighton in the UK, but I live in Bangkok, Thailand. I’ve worked for a little bit in Japan, Russia and the USA.

Part of me loves being out of my comfort zone, finding things difficult and getting the satisfaction of learning a life lesson, gaining confidence and picking up things as I go. The other part of me hates it and constantly asks why on earth the stupid moron that I am can’t just be content with a safe, easy ride… It’s not easy moving to the other side of the world. But I’ve felt a strong pull to experience other cultures since I was a teenager.


This blog is about things I do and experience, a chance for me to write, and a chance for me to share some photographs and stories and connect with other people who have similar interests. And a chance for me to read, see and learn, of course.

Thanks for reading :)


(You can contact me at cowsinbruges at gmail dot com)

“I’m in love with a woman, she’s got no eyes, I found her drawing cows in Bruges.
I don’t know her name, I call her Mrs China. She were a coiffure, but it ended in bloodshed.
Now she lives in a glass case in the town hall in Ghent, and every 3 years, on a Tuesday, I dust her.
My name is Mindhorn.”

– Bruno Mindhorn (The Mighty Boosh)

13 thoughts on “Who… am I?

  1. I was going to follow after reading your ‘about’ but then there was the quote from The Mighty Boosh. Cinched it. (just finished the first series)

    Welcome to Thailand!

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